Exhibition! by Gil Eva Craig

I am showing four images from a new series called ‘Waitangi’, and an older work called ‘Welcome! Gil’, at Photospace Gallery, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand, until the 19th October.

Welcome Gil .jpg

The opening was last night - myself and the other photographer I am showing with, Ann Kilpatrick, had a great time. We both sold some work, and one of us split red wine on the carpet.

Waitangi i. ii. iii

Waitangi i. ii. iii

It’s the first work I have shown for a couple of years. The two sets of work are at the ends of some sort of digital photography continuum - large prints from a high resolution digital medium format camera, through to 5x7 prints of images taken on my old Samsung S5 phone.

The Waitangi works are the largest I have ever made - 1m x 1.33m and beautifully framed with a super clear minimally reflective glass and simple black frame to the edge of the image. The glass has totally ruined me, I look at the pictures on the walls at home and sigh over the reflections and my bad hair days in the normal glass. Goddamn! There is eight in the series, limited to three prints of each. Read about ‘Waitangi’ here. Contact me if interested in buying. gec@gilevacraig.com

The second work, ‘Welcome! Gil’ comprises of a photograph of every hotel room I stayed in during a tour of the USA in 2016. Someone recently described it as ‘compellingly dull’, which I’m taking as the compliment it surely is. Conceptually, it’s a little influenced by Martin Parrs ‘Boring postcards’. As my photographer /poet friend Ian, who has a delicate turn of phrase for every occasion would say - ‘you’re definitely pissing in Martin Parr’s paddock there mate’.

I printed 5x7s and pinned them in a grid. Read about ‘Welcome! Gil’ here.

Waitangi ii, iii vi

Waitangi ii, iii vi