In Waitangi Park, central Wellington, there is an urban wetland I have been photographing over the last six years. It is near to the site of the original Waitangi lagoon, which was used for centuries by Māori for food gathering, as there were eels, fish and shellfish within it. It was also a source of fresh water, and where waka were launched into the sea.

The topography of the wetland is always changing, from a lush rippling sea of multi-hued grasses through to barren dry husks and stalks. The city council come in and trim back the reeds, hoons toss empty JD premix cans into the crannies between rocks, and patches of the tall grass are regularly squashed down by human activity.

This set of images is the result of several visits , which I made from late summer and into winter of this year. The wetland is a living entity, and these images capture it's vitality and energy, and I also hope, something of its past spirit.