Red  from Loam series

Red from Loam series

Geometric  from Loam series

Geometric from Loam series

Gil Eva Craig is a Photographic Artist from Wellington New Zealand .

She first started photography in the 80’s as a teenager, as an adjunct to painting, and rediscovered her artist practice via the medium of photography 10 years ago.

Gil’s first exhibition was a series of images called 'Loam' at Photospace Gallery, Wellington, in January 2013  as part of a group show called '17 Projects’. 

Two subsequent series,  "Leavings I and II, were exhibited at Photospace in March 2014 as part of a group show called 'Prevailing Light'.

In  2014,  she also had work shown in three group shows  at The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts:  'The Longest Night' , 'F+F+F' and GASP, which was an exhibition of work by emerging artists from Wellington and Christchurch. 

In 2015, she had 3 works selected for a group show at Black Asterisk Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, and exhibited at Photospace as part of '4 Photographers'. 

Gil Eva's first solo exhibition, 'On Heterotopian Boundaries',  was in May 2016 at Photospace Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand. 

In 2017 she produced ‘Welcome Gil’ a series of cel phone images of every hotel room stayed in on a three month tour of the United States.

She is currently working on a series of large, semi abstract images of tussock grasses, which will be shown as part of a group show at Photospace in September 2019.

Gil Eva has been involved in the creative arts since the early 90's primarily as a sound designer for alternative and mainstream theatre , as a sound engineer/ producer, and performer. She currently works as a live sound engineer.